The PhD blog to follow

… definitely not mine. Not informative enough for sure.

BUT, I love the posts on The Thesis Whisperer. Has all the juicy PhD stories and dramas, which makes me feel utterly grateful for my own PhD journey up till now. And it’s a perfect blog to read when I’m procrastinating or taking a break from writing. It’s informative, it’s witty and it’s written by past and present PhD students. Great to know that we all share some common woes along our journey of completing a PhD.

But here’s how I stumbled on this blog.

I was thinking to write my thesis somewhere far away from my current location as I was getting a little bit tired of the same old scenery I am looking out from my window (it’s a legit excuse, okay?). I searched on the web to find that I was not the only one who had this idea and someone had the guts to do it! Envy is definitely the word to describe my feelings after reading this post.

So… while I am still deliberating about whether to take on this idea to retreat (and to break the news to my supervisors and parents), daydreaming will suffice. Now, to find a place that is not-quiet-and-not-isolated…

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