You’ll only understand this when you have a thesis to write

Was reading an article while finding some inspiration for my thesis. I came across this commentary on the research process by the author of the article:

In the end, however, I believe that the most critical success factor might be to remember that you are not your dissertation and nor will those closest to you judge you by its length or use of obtuse language. It is not your magnum opus nor will it ever be the best or most cited manuscript you have ever written. In reality, it will not even be your most significant accomplishment. The dissertation is quite simply just the beginning of another journey. Knowing this and remembering that nothing, not even your dissertation, is as important as your friends, family, and other close relationships, can help put the whole roller-coaster ride of the PhD process in perspective. At least, it can, in retrospective.

(From Mazutis (2013, p.643) The CEO Effect: A Longitudinal, Multilevel Analysis of the Relationship Between Executive Orientation and Corporate Social Strategy.)

I am waiting for the day when I can say this, in retrospective terms.


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