Thesis writer’s block

I have been suffering from writer’s block this few weeks. I come into office everyday, stare at my scribbling paper, type random things that have minimal relevance to my thesis, get distracted 80% of my time in office, and then go home feeling guilty.

It’s like a horrible cycle that will repeat itself everyday… until someone (usually the supervisor) comes around and knock me out from my unproductive day (e.g. when can I see the next draft?)…

Come to think about it, I kinda lose my mojo for writing these days. Finding theoretical gaps, making sense out of those theories, making the thesis more palatable for examiners, making it interesting, etc…

I just want to finish my PhD, that’s all.


3 thoughts on “Thesis writer’s block

      • true, true. I meant more like: I have these twenty resources, and I’ll have them read and a summary for each by the end of the month…
        those won’t be random words. You’ll likely find yourself revising the summaries for use in the thesis…


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