15 months to go…

… to thesis submission! Counting down years to months, and then to weeks and days would probably be the most exciting part of the PhD journey.

Trailing off from last week, the meeting with my supervisor wasn’t that nasty after all. Despite the fact that I didn’t finish writing a presentable draft, the office printer decided to fail on me, and my supervisor had to cut short our meeting to only 15 minutes…

That day, I truly appreciated the amount of good karma I’d accumulated over the years haha…

Or perhaps, I just got into a panic mode in which I suspect that it might have to do with those ladies’ hormonal-ups-and-downs time… hmm….

Anyways, I ended the work week with a much needed baking therapy which involves large doses of chocolate. Nothing beats 70% dark chocolate in a tart… I literally licked all my tools and bowls that have chocolate on them. It was therapeutic and all those worries that I had over the week about my thesis slightly disappeared for the night.

I have now confirmed that a stash of dark chocolate bar must exist in my office drawer.


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