This better be the last presentation for the year….

PhD presentations can be quite awkward.

I usually end the presentation with not a lot of comments or even questions from the audience. I will be standing in front waiting patiently for some nasty comments from the audience and the smartest person in the room… but I never gotten one (yet) and I hope to keep up with this. I find myself extremely lucky for not getting myself into such situation, even though I could be standing in awkward silent for a moment after my presentation.

Either I made my research really clear to the audience, or the audience did not get what I was talking about. (I feel like I see blank faces around the table… even my supervisors have them.)

I had good feedback though, which I appreciated a lot. Helps me be thankful for all the things I have been addressing throughout my thesis writing. Things like define the concepts and explain the theory… If someone raise these question next time, my ideal answer would totally be: please read my thesis when it’s ready, thankyouverymuch.

I mean, if I present everything from my writing to the screen, 20 minutes will not be enough. I am dead sure.

Seems like things are slowing down after the presentation (yay!) and I got the news that both of my supervisors will be away from office till January…

Best news of the year LOL


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