It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s Boxing Day today! And I’m so unprepared for the full-on sales happening at the mall….

Not even sure whether I want to get everything on my wish list… but I feel like splurging and get heaps of retail therapy for the heck of it.

Anyway, not much of progress for writing as the year quiet down. I think at least being in the office and sitting in front of the screen reduce my guilty feeling.

As I move on to 2015, I would like to take my time reflecting of things that I’d done right and wrong for the year.

Though at times when I feel lost with my thesis, I question myself why on earth I’m doing PhD. I think next year onwards, I need to take on the driver seat of my PhD journey more seriously. It will be my last year being of this journey, and it will definitely be a challenging and an exciting one.

Perhaps I should remind myself that the finish line is really near… and that I can smell it!

I look forward to 2015, and cheers to many more good years ahead!

p/s: definitely have ate too much food over Christmas… and we haven’t even reach the new year yet!


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