Supervisors woes

SV1 dropped the news that she got promoted… in another uni.

It’s not official yet, but I definitely appreciate that she spent the time telling me about it in advanced.

She hasn’t even told SV2… Oh my.

I wasn’t entirely shock that she will be leaving, but I did not see that coming through so early in the year (though, it would not be pretty if this happens later).

My feelings were mixed:

1. Happy for her because she got promoted

2. Sad (just a little) that she’s leaving the uni… but not my SV panel (phew)

3. Horrified with the fact that I might be having SV2 as my main SV in the near future (probably just on paper but I am not looking forward to be facing the devil’s advocate all the time until I submit)

4. Terribly sorry for the rest of my colleagues who are sharing the same SV with me… I share their pain

5. A tiny, tiny, really tiny feeling of joy… that I don’t have to do her work anymore (too soon to say)… and I don’t have to see her that frequently.

It’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride this year.

I am seriously thinking about flying out from where I am now to hide and finish up my writing this year.

I just hope things won’t get extremely messy once she takes her leave.

I will miss all those afternoon teas with her.

Till she officially announce that she’s leaving, I got to keep my straight face and pretend I’d heard nothing of that sort.


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