Spending time with family

Flying around is tiring, but flying to anywhere with my family by my side is worth all the motion sickness and queasiness.

I blame the plane’s smell. The queasiness hits me by the time I step on the connecting bridge to the plane. I think I got to find a better smell to help me through this.

Anyway, spent a few days in Shanghai (lovely city, horrible road manners) and have not thought about my work for a few days. Surprisingly, I don’t have any sense of guilt though. I felt like any stress I had accumulated over the past few weeks is all gone in those four days.

So I guess taking a break once a while (or more if needed) is a great idea, especially when you are stuck in the PhD writer’s block cycle. I feel fortunate that I have a pretty flexible supervisory panel and they don’t have any problems leaving me by myself writing my thesis.

Don’t have to publish is also a plus. I don’t understand the pain for some of my colleagues who are stressed out with publishing but seeing their tired face (and battered brain) makes me reevaluate the academic profession as my future career pathway.

Not saying that the academic career is a lonely and a bleak-looking one. I just prefer to enjoy my work, rather than being stressed out about it all the time. I enjoy teaching though, so if there are good teaching positions (which does not put publishing as the main priority in career progress) I would definitely consider taking it.

Time to switch back to work mode! May the word flow in (from somewhere)!


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