12 months to go….

Better start running! (And look for the finishing line)

Here comes the last 12 months of my PhD journey (I’m so set to complete in 12 months, idc).

Truth to be told, I am still not sure what I’m doing. At times, I feel lost in my own thoughts and endless typing. Even retyping the Literature Review sounds like a productive work (albeit, wasting time) to me.

To pen down my feelings now is quite challenging. Coming back into office after a four-week holiday back home with my family was something I looked forward to. Not until I received words that my SV has officially announce her resignation…. and next her exit from my supervisory team.

I felt quite lost when I first received her email stating her intention to leave the team. I thought with her leaving the university, she can still be my external sv anyway. Not sure what changed her mind, but it took me quite a while to digest and reply her email. And to decide that it’s best to move on and respect her decision.

I guess at times like this, being emotional is useless. Better save my tears for much more happier occasions.

On a side note though, now I kinda wonder my sixth sense was so firm in telling me I should complete my PhD in 2 years. I won’t say that I saw this coming, but I have been through so many occasions where my sixth sense was so much more accurate than the weather forecasts.

Off I go on a typing fiesta for the next 12 months.


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