Working-from-home Wednesday

I used to insist on never to work from home, and not to bring any articles to read back home… because I would tend to ignore my work once I reach home.

Another reason is that I wanted to separate work from my private life… and essentially my room is where my private life lies.

Recent problems with my supervising team is giving me enough headache, so I decided a change of environment is needed once a while.

Now I feel like working from home on Wednesdays is somewhat a reward for sticking around the office for the past two days. And a good refreshment before I stick my ass in the office chair for another two days.

Figure that I need a day to recharge my quota for poker face-ing. Having to put up a brave face since I am one supervisor down (hopefully not for long) is quite tiring.

I could totally get used to this working-from-home ritual.

Just have to resist the temptation to fall asleep on the bed… even for like 5 minutes.


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