The “divorce”…

… has yet to set in me. I still have not complete the paper work for my “divorce” with my current supervisor, even though she will be leaving the university next week.

Not sure whether I just couldn’t fathom the idea of changing supervisors, or just plain lazy to make the decision…. Can’t the school just freaking arrange one that seems appropriate so I don’t have to go do “shopping” for a new supervisor?

Met a long-time-no-see colleague, who told me I should see this change of supervisor thing as an opportunity to work with new person, and an opportunity to get fresh insights into my current work.

Kinda like the positive thinking there.

But seriously, I am really tired of thinking of this day in day out. It’s reducing my writing confidence… Nothing I’d written these few days have been sparking any joy in me.

Yesterday, the School organised a morning tea to send off my supervisor. That’s really nice of them.

I thought I will get overly emotional when she said her thanks to all her students. Surprisingly, I didn’t. One of them did though… (I’d even thought of bringing a box of tissue just in case someone cried… but I didn’t because it might be too funny to be holding a tissue box while chomping on pastries)

And then my co-supervisor (soon-to-be principal sv) has been “gently” reminding me to get my paperwork done asap. The PG Coordinator has been hunting me down as well.

*sighs* I think by the end of this month, I’ll be spotting strands of white hair.


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