No news is good news?

It’s been a week after I sent off my work to a potential supervisor to consider whether he is interested to participate in the supervisory team.

These days, I am so afraid to even check my emails to get the replies.

Am I afraid of rejection?

Still waiting for his reply… I wonder is he even reading my work?

After speaking to a colleague over lunch last week, it made me realised many things about my ex-supervisor which was better off not mentioning them in public. Though it does confirmed my initially thought about her, and why my extreme uneasiness to work with her at times. I just want to wish her good luck, and I’ll probably feel sorry for the university that will be having her there.

I think my heart has rang the alarm bells long time ago, not to be too closed to people who you can’t truly put a finger on.

Though I found few great colleagues and form good friendships, I am still careful with my words and keeping myself from being too closed to anyone. Just a way to protect myself.

March has definitely a miserable month for me. Have not been feeling so uncomfortable meeting people and being in the uni. The last few weeks have definitely drained my energy and passion for PhD.

But I definitely won’t give up. I have too much pride in me to give up PhD so easily.


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