Movie Afterthoughts: Love Is Strange

I never though this movie could be a sappy one. When I watched the trailer, I thought it would be a simple love story between two men (together for 39 years!)

It got me almost to tears towards the end and I can hear people sobbing behind me… Though, the title of the movie is simple, the storyline itself is truly thought provoking. It’s not just about gay men getting married and living together. It’s also about how they deal with generational gaps, family and friends, high cost of living in NYC, and loss.

I am not a chick flick kind of person (and I don’t see this movie as one). This movie struck a chord in me and there are many touching scenes which I absolutely loved. The most touching one is probably seeing how the couple embrace each other and the look of love in their eyes. It felt so real and genuine.

I could be biased as I am no fan of romantic films, but this one has the perfect balance of romance and reality of life. The poster of the film with a backdrop of NYC, and the canvas paint in the movie (also with a simple backdrop of NYC) made a lot of sense once I watched the movie.

I will definitely put this on my rewatch list.


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