Problem solved?

After being put off by all the supervisory dramas for the past few weeks, I finally sat down with my two “new” supervisors (yay!) for a chat.

My previously co-supervisor is now my main supervisor and the lecturer who didn’t responded to my email… he silently read everything and left comments on my work, on top of agreeing to co-supervise me.

So, not everyone in the academia is heartless. Though I still reserve some doubts when scholars are being overly helpful and kind. Nice people scare me some times. Not sure whether their kindness are genuine at all.

The meeting lasted for 1.5 hours. While I wasn’t interrogated for my work or anything nasty of that sorts, my supervisors are concerned with the amount of data I have on hand. Same old issue, not enough sample, data is too thin… save it, I knew about this ages ago.

But for goodness sake, please don’t give me the same solution i.e. go out and do more field work!

Sometimes I question myself why did I opted for interviews as the main research design. I don’t even like to talk to people. I find it absolutely tiring to be genuinely interested in what people are saying.

Sometimes I am not even interested or paying attention to what my supervisors are saying.

Feels like I am experience a late rebellious stage in my life… just not with my parents, but with my own PhD.

Next meeting is set in two weeks time and my task for the time being is to search for interesting findings from my interviews.

My co-supervisor equate it to gold mining. He said that I am sitting on a pile of dirt now, just that I don’t know where’s the gold or how it will look like until I dig in and get my hands dirty.

I like that analogy. Getting my hands dirty (in a good way) it is then.


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