Movie Afterthoughts: While We’re Young


A bit of comedy, a bit of irony, it’s a slice of life kind of a movie. Though I have to admit there’s not a lot of memorable scenes I can recall from the movie.

It’s a movie about a 40-ish couple trying to set into their mid-life crisis, contrasting with another 20-ish hipster couple who are deceivingly generous. It sets with the undertone that reliving youth again may probably cost you your friends… and hipsters don’t use electronic gadgets?

And since when the practice of staring at your own phones during dinner is acceptable? If I was at the table seeing 3 other people staring at their phones, I’ll be pissed!

In a nutshell, it’s a light-hearted comedy but not something that I truly can relate to. Each of the main characters have their own story to tell and I like the interaction and contrast of generational gap as portrayed in the movie.

Oh! And the final scene with the baby playing with a smart phone? I’m not sure why it’s there but definitely a food for thought for parents with young kids.


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