Movie afterthoughts: Fast and Furious 7

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Though I’m not a close follower of the Fast and Furious series, I tend to enjoy the actions and dramatic scenes in these movies. I just find it odd to look at two extremely muscular men going against the bad guys (it’s probably just me). And I find it really hard to follow Vin Diesel’s lines in the movie, mostly due to his husky voice.

I got to say, the actions in this movie couldn’t get any better than cars parachuting out from a plane, crashing through three high-rise buildings and tumbling down from cliffs. I just find it funny that it kept on relating back to what Brian (Paul Walker) said to his son in the start of the movie: “Cars don’t fly!”

The antagonist of the movie, Ian Shaw (John Statham) could be the most bad-ass bad guy I’d seen in a long time. He leaves a trail of mess behind him and could walk away from bombings and fires. The best part of all… his accent!

The last scene of the movie as a tribute to Paul Walker is definitely a touching one. Nicely closes the movie. Paul Walker driving his car on a different direction from Vin Diesel and Vin Diesel’s last words in the movie… definitely a tear-jerking scene to end an action-packed film.


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