Falling out of love…

… with this place.

Considering the paperwork for change of supervisors is finalised and approved within a day after submission, I felt so weird that no one from the admin tried to (at least) investigate how the student is feeling throughout this process.

Not to say that I am not thankful that the admin and paperwork is quite smooth and quick; but I have to admit that no one in the university will care about the student’s mental and emotions when such a thing happen.

Maybe a change in supervisor is not a big deal after all?

I can’t wait to leave.

I’ll take this as a motivation to finish and submit.


3 thoughts on “Falling out of love…

  1. I think there should have been more support for you during this transition. Changing supervisors is asking you to build the relationships/work patterns that you’ve developed with the first supervisor over a long period, and do it in less time and with less connections than the first time. If it motivates you to finish and get out, good. But this seems to have cast a negative slant on something that could be a positive, creative process. I’m sorry…


  2. I had a HUGE issue with my supervisor. The university was unsympathetic to the fact that he was completely unresponsive. I had to put in all the work and effort to find someone else and have my supervisor changed. A Kafkaesque to say the least, getting ground in the cogs of academia.


  3. I had to change supervisors in my 2nd year. It should have happened 2nd semester. At the time, it was shocking how nonplussed the university was at my supervisors lack of caring, attention & poor fit with my research interests. I had to do all the work myself. With zero support from administration. A Kafkaesque process all around.


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