Movie afterthoughts: When Marnie Was There (思い出のマーニー)

Marnie poster


There’s only a few Studio Ghibli’s movies I’d watched. My favourite will definitely be My Neighbour Totoro, because Totoro is very cute indeed.

When Marnie Was There is said to be the last movie produced by Studio Ghibli before it goes on a hiatus. That aside, this animated movie is beautifully directed. The storyline itself is interesting, focusing on Anna (the short-hair girl in the picture) and her lack of interest in her life and her foster family. She was sent to stay with her relatives far out from the city after her asthma attack in the beginning of the movie, and the rest of the film then focuses on how she came across Marnie, how she rediscover family love and friendship, and lastly, how she is related to Marnie.

The revelation in the end of the film on Anna’s relationship with Marnie may not be a surprise for many (for myself, I’d read the Wikipedia entry), it was nicely presented and the whole movie, in my opinion, was aptly made to illustrate this.

In general, if you are into some supernatural (not the spooky kind though), family-themed film, this is a really good one and not to be missed. Even if the storyline is not appealing, just sit back and enjoy some of the nicest scenes and animated setting in an animated film.

p/s: my favourite is probably the house where Anna was having her retreat. It has a great view, a vegie patch, and few short-cuts explicitly written out on sign posts.


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