Back to the drawing board

Tomorrow, I will be 9 months away from the thesis submission dateline.

Thesis wordcount: paragraphs are everywhere just not where I want them to be

I can’t wait to get back home now. My supervisors think it is a great chance to do some data collection (oh no).

Don’t get me wrong, I came to terms that I needed more data than what I have at the moment. But doing another round of interviews is not on my favourite list.

I don’t even know how to reach my interviewers. What should I say? Hello, can I give you a call when I touch down and we can do a bit of follow up? If it is that easy.

I think my fragile heart can’t take anymore rejection (insert dramatic music)…

Jokes aside, I think I just need to thicken up my face and start get in contact with my interviewees. Nothing to lose anyway.

Rather than worrying about word count, I probably got to be more worried about my unproductive brain.

Probably my holiday mode kinda got switched on and never got switched back to work mode.


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