Movie afterthoughts: Spy


Not your average spy movie.

Melissa McCarthy as a spy? Who would have thought! But she is deceptively funny and lethal as a spy in this movie. There are few really funny scenes which I think only Melissa McCarthy can pull off. Though I find it quite distasteful to have a stereotype on fuller size women (stool softener, wet wipes?).

It did took me some time to recognise Jude Law as the spy in the beginning of the movie though. And Jason Statham is as badass as he was in Furious 7, a badass spy with a complex for danger… and a lack of wit.

Probably my favourite characters in the movie, is the unassuming sidekicks, Nancy and Aldo. Aldo, in particular, is as horny as he can get but deceptively good for leaving the audience with the question whether he is part of MI6… or whether he really learnt the accent from Downton (that was the highlight for me).

In short, just go give yourself an excuse that you need some laugh and go watch this movie!


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