A long break from supervisors

Just came back from a good break. Spent more time with my family and felt so much love from my parents.

Interestingly, I think June and July must be the traveling months for many academicians… unless they have to deal with examinations.

For now, my main supervisor is away on his conference trips (i think), which coincide with my approved study leave (yay!).

I’m still stuck with where I started a few months ago. Though I feel like I’m in a rut (most of the time) but I kind of learn to take things a bit easy and let the inspiration comes to me instead. Plus, my family members kept on telling me to take it easy and enjoy my remaining few months as a student.

Somehow, I just feel tired about feeling guilty all the time on not working on my thesis. And sometimes, I hate the perfectionist in myself.

And at times, I truly thought of giving up.

Of course, it’s just a “thought”. There’s something that still keep me in this journey, and I think it’s mostly my pride.

If I told my parents I am giving up, I think they will support me haha… I mean, they are really not the kind that push the kids to do well in exams. I think they believe that peer pressure will do all the work for them.

Anyways, next week I’m off again for a trip with my family. I know, it’s kind of silly to rant about my thesis when I jet myself from one country to another. Not complaining about the traveling part though. I just enjoy the times I can have a blank mind and just absorb non-academics things.

I can’t wait to finish my thesis. 8 months to go then!


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