Length of thesis

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Back from a extended family holiday which helps a bit with my mood. But writing is still slow. I wonder whether slow and steady will actually help me win the race… unless thesis writing is not a race?

As I ponder about my dateline, I kept on thinking about the word count for my thesis. At the moment, it stands pretty much at 0, since we are detouring from my original thesis at the moment. Hopefully, what I have written will be useful at least for the literature review *nervous laughs*

In any case, if I aim to finish in March next year I figure I will need to write at least 500 words per working day… and it must not be crap.

If making words flow out from my brain is as easy as it seems…


This better be the last presentation for the year….


PhD presentations can be quite awkward.

I usually end the presentation with not a lot of comments or even questions from the audience. I will be standing in front waiting patiently for some nasty comments from the audience and the smartest person in the room… but I never gotten one (yet) and I hope to keep up with this. I find myself extremely lucky for not getting myself into such situation, even though I could be standing in awkward silent for a moment after my presentation.

Either I made my research really clear to the audience, or the audience did not get what I was talking about. (I feel like I see blank faces around the table… even my supervisors have them.)

I had good feedback though, which I appreciated a lot. Helps me be thankful for all the things I have been addressing throughout my thesis writing. Things like define the concepts and explain the theory… If someone raise these question next time, my ideal answer would totally be: please read my thesis when it’s ready, thankyouverymuch.

I mean, if I present everything from my writing to the screen, 20 minutes will not be enough. I am dead sure.

Seems like things are slowing down after the presentation (yay!) and I got the news that both of my supervisors will be away from office till January…

Best news of the year LOL